My dirty dance

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Free Association.”(my home, dirty soil and rain dance)

Caught your attention…yay!

Loud and bold always strike out…isn’t it…thats how we work… always attracted to the face of the show

I, recently, visited Golconda fort. It’s quite huge and was built and rebuilt a couple of times some 800 years back…at that time without any aid of modern technology to build such a massive building must had been a herculean task. And all I could find at the posts, were the names of kings and sultans who had ruled there. Well, I know writing out the name of every worker is out of question( 😛) but it had been their effort only that we are able to appreciate such a monument.

And so goes everything in the history …every war , every struggle , every big achievement have endless unknown names with their countless unheard stories that just gets submerged in the magnanimity of the cause. We forget the importance of follower in the awe of leader.

So, here, thanks to all you common people(like me 🙂) who are doing their simple perfunctory works. You may not know what history you are writing but nonetheless your effort is equally important

PS: well i do dance…but dirty…umm i don’t think so



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.

i am in general very cautious about my social behaviour. i tend to recheck my every move ,over-think my every little behaviour. i started this blog in a way to express myself…but everytime i come up with something i  over analyze it so much that it normally gets lost.

some of my really weird notions are –

* that keeping your identity a secret is a cool thing. so that even you become famous you can roam around as a common folk …ha i watched too much of superhero series

*that what i write may offend someone(if they are reading :P) and then they would hate me for that…so i have quit many a times

*that being normal or average is a good thing and hence i try to blend in everywhere.

i don’t know how much i am correct or even how longer i will hold them because its hard to be sure of anything in life. i agree i have shortcomings but so has everyone else and it doesn’t matter…because our imperfections together make

it all right in the world.