More than just a flat…

Good times pass way too faster that we don’t even realize when they become memories. I don’t know from where to start…We had some good, some bad, some lonely, some fun and some super awesome moments in this place.

I remember us discussing that it is good that we are taking the flat with a terrace in front and its better that we are on second floor and the closet and the shoe rack…haa…OK we did use them… but what really attaches me the most to this place and prompts me to write is the amazing time that we spend here together  … those gossips and giggles, cries and confessions, plans and celebrations is all what i remember …and i am glad that i lived in there to have experienced it all…thanks to you three i have checked off some points from my checklist and i know we will continue doing that.

But as always goodbyes are weird…you don’t know what to say, what to feel and how to take it…n even though how much we hate good bye, they seem to be integral part of life. Guess what, we just have to let it go…let it go in the hope of better.


distances are just some measures

some bonds are way too stronger



Impression is an important thing …the most visible thing in this delusional world. We fake…we manipulate…we show off…and what not just to make that impression. Well, even I am no different.

It took me two good days just to come up with the name of blog and my username. Everything I came up was already taken ….or already thought of… or maybe i was just coming up with things that I have observed around and have learned all my way and, hence they were all bound to be pre-existent. Nonetheless, I did find something according to my tempo. Meanwhile, I realized how rare is ingenuity and how even hard it is to appreciate it. Obviously, criticisms come easily and let’s not get into this.

I have been wanting to write for a long time.  I started one few years back but couldn’t muster up the courage to publish it. Say I was afraid of how people will react to it or worst won’t give a damn about it. I stumbled upon this quote once on web

 ‘Even if you are the sweetest mango, there would always be people who like peaches more than mango’  

So, here i am signing up again, in the hope that there would be few who will appreciate this mango 😉