In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.

i am in general very cautious about my social behaviour. i tend to recheck my every move ,over-think my every little behaviour. i started this blog in a way to express myself…but everytime i come up with something i  over analyze it so much that it normally gets lost.

some of my really weird notions are –

* that keeping your identity a secret is a cool thing. so that even you become famous you can roam around as a common folk …ha i watched too much of superhero series

*that what i write may offend someone(if they are reading :P) and then they would hate me for that…so i have quit many a times

*that being normal or average is a good thing and hence i try to blend in everywhere.

i don’t know how much i am correct or even how longer i will hold them because its hard to be sure of anything in life. i agree i have shortcomings but so has everyone else and it doesn’t matter…because our imperfections together make

it all right in the world.


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