Impression is an important thing …the most visible thing in this delusional world. We fake…we manipulate…we show off…and what not just to make that impression. Well, even I am no different.

It took me two good days just to come up with the name of blog and my username. Everything I came up was already taken ….or already thought of… or maybe i was just coming up with things that I have observed around and have learned all my way and, hence they were all bound to be pre-existent. Nonetheless, I did find something according to my tempo. Meanwhile, I realized how rare is ingenuity and how even hard it is to appreciate it. Obviously, criticisms come easily and let’s not get into this.

I have been wanting to write for a long time.  I started one few years back but couldn’t muster up the courage to publish it. Say I was afraid of how people will react to it or worst won’t give a damn about it. I stumbled upon this quote once on web

 ‘Even if you are the sweetest mango, there would always be people who like peaches more than mango’  

So, here i am signing up again, in the hope that there would be few who will appreciate this mango 😉


2 thoughts on “impression

  1. I can relate. It has only been a year or so since I mustered up the courage to share my writing with an audience as well. I am glad that I did though. Even if I only receive one “like” on a post… it still delivers a feeling of worth to push me forward. Best of luck to you and your new blog! 🙂

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